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  • 20140525
    On May 20, Nintendo shut their Wi-Fi servers down for most DS and Wii games. As a result, the fifth generation of Pokémon games and Pokémon Battle Revolution are unable to connect to Wi-Fi.

    You should not post threads requesting battles or trades on these games.

    For all intents and purposes, the only games that can be used for threads involving battles and trades are the games in the sixth generation: X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, and Z.

    (EDIT 5/30: The Friend Code field in your user profile has been changed to the Nintendo Network field. Please update your...

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  • 20111127
    Shaychu Shop Announcement Thread Thingy That Announces The Official Shop That Shaychu Now Has For Various Goods And Services
    Or: S.S.A.T.T.T.A.T.O.S.T.S.N.H.F.V.G.A.S
    We're bringing back the shop with major revamps in regards to how it operates. If you'd like to donate an item or a service, contact a forum warden and...

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  • 20091129
    This is the Award Zone Index. It's a simple reference to most (Any Recent Achievements) ribbons, trophies, etc. See someone with a ribbon, don't know what it is? Check this post to find out what the award is!!! Very Happy

    (Note: I'm fixing ALL of the awards! ~7)

    ~ 1st Annual Shaychu Awards [1SA]

    The recipients of the 1st Annual Shaychu Award were the result...

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  • 20160226
    So, first of all, disclaimer, I know no one comes on this site anymore. But hey, I'm not doing anything right now, so I'm just gonna keep all of the nobody's up to date. And also I got some pretty good screenshots, so I'm proud of myself and have no where else to share them.

    So there was a Nintendo Direct this fine morning of February 2nd 2016. I watched it. I cried a little. All is well, because Pokemon announced some new games! (Which I did.. hear about briefly yesterday when the whole.. thing came out that the titles were trademarked in the UK or whatever.. so I knew, as many did,...

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  • 20140508
    AND FOR NOVEMBER 2014!!!!

    Here's the official video from Pokemon-

    SO Hoenn* has been officially confirmed! Pokemon fans are raving and of course, jumping to many conclusions about the games already- found something interesting on the web as-well regarding the games:

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  • 20140807
    Rk9 has now been made admin, due to both dedication and willingness to work. Having a high post count and consistent activity makes her a primary choice for the job of admin. Having absolutely no prior experience and complete unwillingness to mess with the admin panel also helps.

    Shay and Ash have both been demoted, due to having other things to do, but their special glow and ranks remain, thanks to founder status. (Note: They aren't actually demoted. That would be absurd.)

    These are temporary assignments, although...

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  • 20131025
    An update has been released for Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS that rectifies certain glitches in Pokemon X and Y, specifically the game-breaking Lumiose City save glitch and an error in the GTS, as well as updates the GTS sorting filter.

    To verify that you have the patch installed, on the Pokemon X and Y save-select screen, on the bottom-right of the touch screen, there will be a small text that says "Ver. 1.1"

    The update data will be saved on the SD card. Do not remove the SD card while playing, or delete the update files from your system.

    Download the patch by...

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  • 20131012
    Released today! Or yesterday. That depends, really. Pick yours up.

    Color scheme up for a few months thanks to the release. Please enjoy!

    Fun fact: Torchic distribution is apparently until January 15, 2014.

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  • 20130521
     [ Poll ]
    Do you like the way Shaychu looks?
    Hello! As you can see, Shaychu has drastically changed in it's appearance. So I am asking, do you like how it looks and what are your comments, concerns, questions, and suggestions?

    by Shay - Comments: 13 - Views: 1218
  • 20130227
    Hi Guys! Long time no talk! I haven't been online on a forum in FOREVER. How are you guys? I kinda miss this. Scold me, go ahead lol. But i'm in college now and i think it'd be cool to have a ShayChu Revival! Smile

    by Ash - Comments: 23 - Views: 728
  • 20121019
    Using the power of a nuclear bomb straight from the Manhattan Project, I've decided to nuke the entirety of the previous League. This includes past victors of basically any badge ever. I've also gotten rid of the awards in everyone's Award Zone so that I can better organize future awards. Seriously, it was pretty bad.

    But now it's not! Using improvements I will try to implement within the next week, the organization of the Award Zone as well as future badges should be stable enough to quell my not-actually-obsessive OCD. The fallout from this is expected to bring Shaychu into...

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  • 20120701
    Pokemon Online Server

    Due to popular demand, I've set up a Pokemon Online server. It should be 24/7, but my internet is horrifically unreliable and the server itself might short out due to the fact that the power button is literally right next to my foot.

    The server should always be on the registry (Shaychu) but if it's not, try Advanced Connection ->

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  • 20111224
    I'm being butt-early so nobody else can claim the spot. I AM EVIL.

    Anyway it's Christmas what did you get ???????

    If it's not Christmas for you yet (like me) don't post in here until it is. If you don't celebrate Christmas just say whatever you got on December 25, if anything. If you think 7 should just shut up and leave me aloooooooone, press 0 now and a Shaychu representative will get back to you in a time period between two seconds and five years. Thank you.

    For me I literally have half a day left until Christmas, give or take ten minutes.

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  • 20120101
    Title says it all!
    Happy 2012 members of Shaychu!
    I hope the best for everyone this year.
    Post below your New Year's Resolutions if you want!

    by Shay - Comments: 3 - Views: 750
  • 20111129
    Shaychu is now three years old! This would call for a celebration but since the activity on the site is dwindling, there's not much to celebrate about. Heck, I didn't even bring out the birthday theme!

    But yes, Shaychu is three years old. Congratulations to everybody! Post in this topic and you get an award that I will make later.

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