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Tournament of Love

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Tournament of Love

Post by 7 on Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:44 pm

Queso this is a tournament that hopefully inspires more people to sign up with Shaychu. (At this point I'll do anything.) It'll be a standard tournament, winner gets some cool Shaychu-based Pokemon or something, probably a Modest Light Ball Pikachu with 31 Atk and S.Atk IV's, EV-trained in whatever the heck you want it to be in, and some pretty cool illegitimate attacks. (If you take off the illegal attacks it should still be a perfectly legitimate Pikachu, though.) It'll take me a long while to make the base (obviously) so I'll probably have the tournament end when I make the little rat.

I personally won't participate in this because I don't have a legitimate team (unless you want to fight 999-statted Magikarp monsters but I don't think so lol) and sign-ups last from now until I say they end, which will probably be around Halloween or Christmas.

All standard rules apply for tournament battles. Disconnects automagically qualify as a rematch; if you're a spoiled brat and keep disconnecting your internet (which is defined as "more than twice") just so you can win, I'll disqualify you from any and all future tournaments and ban you from ones I make. If it's accidental I'll still probably ban you from tournaments I make, because your internet is clearly faulty and that'll mess with everyone else's battles. So get a better internet connection, battle me about five times, and I'll clear you. If you try to circumvent these rules and/or argue with the administrators about this tournament, I'll just close the tournament and ban you from Shaychu, so thanks for ruining it for everybody beforehand.

The first place reward is the aforementioned Pikachu, 1000 Shaycoins, and some (gold) trophy I'll make later. The second place reward is a weaker (but shiny) Pikachu, 500 Shaycoins and some (silvuh) trophy I'll make later. The third place reward is a ridiculously weak legitimate Shaymin, 250 Shaycoins and some (bronz) trophy I'll make later. All registrants get a coupon for a free piece of artwork from me (so expect something crappy) that you can use in my shop if it's still there.

So yeah sign up.

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Re: Tournament of Love

Post by Ace on Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:09 pm

I'm joining this tournament to brush up on battle skills if I have any left....

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