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pokemon love story:shayminxzorua prt1

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pokemon love story:shayminxzorua prt1

Post by electrabulb on Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:01 pm

shayla the shaymin:why am i so a legend but id love less popularity. if only i cou-
mudthemudkip:sup how about you and me go out to a club just for some-
shayla:no way!you may be popular but you just want apopular girlfriend. go eat some mud! Shaymin
mud:grr...fine but i will not eat mud Mudkip
magithevulpix:leave her alone she doesnt like the papparazi she likes anything ordinary!*pushes shaymin into school.
shayla:the nerve of that mudkip!WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS!!!! Sky Forme Shaymin
magi:*slaps shayla* get a hold of yourself.the teacher said no transforming during school because of anger issues.
zorothezorua:umm..hello ladies im new zoro.who are you guys?or girls! im srry..
shayla:hi im shayla and this is my friend her name is m-
Magi:my name is magi.nice to meet you!
zoro:im from argentina.i come from a long line of zoruas and family likes this school so they sent me here to learn.
shayla:hold that thought
Larrytheschoolbully/larvitar:ready to get a punchin!
prt 2 is in next msg

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