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Have you ever read about that????

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Have you ever read about that????

Post by Cameron305 on Tue Apr 09, 2013 8:46 am

This idea comes from watching a reality shows where a group of people were dropped off in Alaska wilderness and had to survive and everyone lost alot of weight because extreme cold causes fat to burn at an accelerated rate. Also shivering burns calories. So with that said, if you had access to a meat locker and spent an hour a day in it with minimum clothing you could drop some serious weight. How about gyms with walk in freezers next to the saunas?
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Re: Have you ever read about that????

Post by 7 on Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:41 pm

That would not only be extremely unpleasant but also probably lethal. Frostbite is a serious problem in extreme temperatures and so is hypothermia. Of course, that all depends on the temperature of the freezer or meat locker in the first place. The average temperature for a meat locker is near the freezing point of water, which is when the blood vessels in human extremities constrict, inhibiting blood flow and prompting frostbite or hypothermia. Sources I've found say that it takes on average half an hour to cause frostbite. I guess it works, though...amputation of limbs is technically shedding pounds.

Chances are, the Alaskan wilderness survivors lost a lot of weight not only due to the cold, but perhaps also because of the stressful situation (adrenaline can inhibit bodily functions, potentially enough to cause starvation and nutrient deprivation) and the lack of foodstuffs in the Alaskan wilderness. Of course, I'm not sure of the exact situation that the survivors were in, because I've never heard of that. I don't watch TV.

Also, sleeping burns calories too (roughly 40 cal/hr if I'm not mistaken), but sleeping a lot simply isn't healthy. Granted, everything takes up calories.

Me, personally, I just rarely eat. Mostly on accident. This is also bad for reasons that are unrelated to the topic.

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