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To all new Wii U owners / people interested in Wii U's storage:

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To all new Wii U owners / people interested in Wii U's storage:

Post by 7 on Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:55 pm

Getting a 64GB or higher flash drive or a multiple-TB USB hard drive for the Wii U is smart if you want to dedicate the space to the Wii U. You can't use the flash drive or USB hard drive for anything else without formatting; none of my computers recognize a device being inputted. I didn't check with Linux's lsusb function because I'm too lazy. I'm not sure about my SD card (which was modded for Smash Stack but I haven't actually activated it yet) but I'm guessing that it doesn't apply to that because you can't use it like a USB hard drive.

Also, USB drives take priority over the system drive. Meaning that when you download a demo or a game or something, if you have a USB drive, it goes there first, and if you have a USB drive in your Wii U, it'll load from there before loading from system memory.

You can insert more than one USB drive. I just don't have any more so I don't know what the priority between them is.

I wish I knew all of this before plugging in my 32GB flash drive.

Also, the Wii U doesn't have USB 3.0 capabilities, so getting a newfangled hard drive with USB3 support is not worth it for the Wii U. I don't have one but I thought it would be good to know.

It will need the updates. If I remember correctly, proper USB hard drive support wasn't implemented until an update. Well, you'll need the updates anyway regardless, since you can't do a damn thing without them.

Seriously, though, if I knew all of this I would've just went with the Wii U Basic. I wasn't interested in Nintendo Land (but now that I have it it's fantastic) and I don't need the charging cradle (although it is nice), plus the white Wii U would've matched my old Wii much better. Oh well, though, I have my Deluxe.

For the record, I don't remember if I mentioned this exactly, but I'm posting this here because it's something I wish I knew before I bought the Wii U.

I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone has of the Wii U! As long as they aren't comparisons to the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One; I don't have either of those and, indeed, have no interest in them. (Alright, I'll still probably get the Xbox One, but solely for Halo, since that's my favorite game series of all time (remember, I'm entirely weird). I don't really care about the specs or anything.)

I'd like to point out, before you read this accidental wall of text, I can answer any general question about the Wii U. I can't answer things about, let's say, homebrew, or specific questions about in-game things. I don't have every game, after all. Think of me as your personal, private Nintendo sales associate! Except that I don't actually work for Nintendo. And I'm actually really bad at selling things.

In terms of "a good wack [sic] of games", I'll make a little list of suggestions of games that either are already out or will be out before 2014. So, not Super Smash Bros. 3U, and not a lot of games that were announced in E3.

Sonic Lost World is technically in the list; it'll be out on New Year's Eve, according to Gamestop, and will be priced $50. I'm really excited for the game, myself, since it plays like no other Sonic game ever released. It's like Super Mario Galaxy meets Super Mario 3D Land. Also, there's some sort of co-op in it, so that'll be great.

Pikmin 3 will be out on August 4. It's $60. It's one of the few games that everybody was crazy for before the release of the Wii U, and indeed it's been hyped about since before the original Wii was even out. I don't know if it'll be as good as the other two, since I've actually never played a Pikmin game before Razz

New Super Mario Bros. U is actually a really amazing side-scrolling game. It carries over all of the features of the Wii version, although it replaces the Propeller Helmet with the Flying Squirrel Suit, which is better in some ways and worse in others. It also brings in the new character Nabbit, who is a rabbit that nabs items on the world map; beating him gets you the item. I think. I've actually never done it, I'm really bad at the game. The game is $60 and was a launch game, so it's obviously already out.

New Super Luigi U is both a DLC and a stand-alone game for New Super Mario Bros. U, mentioned above. It'll be out on August 25, and it'll be $30 stand-alone and $20 as a DLC. As has been mentioned everywhere Nintendo-based probably, it's the year of Luigi! Mario is not in the game at all; instead, the characters are Luigi, the two Toads, and Nabbit, who can't pick up any power-ups but is immune to damage from enemies. He's really helpful if you can't beat a level. Unfortunately (for me), every level is actually significantly harder and entirely revamped from the original, and there are only 100 seconds to beat each level.

Rayman Legends was a game originally going to be released exclusively for the Wii U, but then Ubisoft postponed the release date for no good reason, and now it's being released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. It comes out on September 3, and costs $60. Right now, there is both a demo and the Rayman Legends Challenge App for free in Nintendo's eShop, although the Challenge App is going to close on the day the full game is released. It's actually one of the better games released this year, and features the characters from Rayman Origins (Rayman, Globox or something, the Teensies) as well as a new viking lady, Barbara, who hits things with an axe and is generally the only playable human in the game. It's actually a really nice game, I just have no idea how to word it so it sounds appealing.

Bayonetta 2 is also going to be released on December 31, according to Gamestop, for $60. I don't really know what to say about this game except that everybody's been hyped for it since it was announced last year. I've never even played Bayonetta.

Scribblenauts Unlimited and Scribblenauts Unmasked are supposedly really good games; again, never played them. Scribblenauts Unmasked is a DC Comics crossover, and is going to be released at the same time as Sonic Lost World and Bayonetta 2. Unlimited is $50; Unmasked is $60.

Similar to the other two, Resident Evil: Revelations. I haven't played either of them, but the demo's been on the 3DS eShop for forever, and on the Wii U eShop since launch. It's already out for $50. I played the demo on the 3DS but I am awful at it, so I'm not going to buy it. Maybe it interests you, though!

NBA 2K13, FIFA Soccer 13, and Madden NFL 13. The standard generic sports games are also on the Wii U! I've played the NBA 2K13 demo, and it plays really similar to the Xbox 360 version, except that there's a bio-meter or something on the Gamepad and also I am awful at it; I'm used to the A Button being to pass and stuff, but it's literally mapped to the Wii U, so the Xbox 360 controller's A Button is on the Wii U Gamepad's B Button. NBA 2K13 is $60, while the other two games are $40. There's also ESPN Sports Connection, which is $50, but according to Gamestop reviews it's not very good at all. Even then, I suggest getting next year's sports games (if they're out for the Wii U) because they'll probably be more adjusted to the Wii U.

James Bond: 007 Legends is another game I haven't gotten yet, but it looks to be really nice. It's $60 and has been out for a while, actually. It's supposed to have a whole bunch of missions from every Bond movie, but I wouldn't know because I haven't watched a Bond movie in my life. (Are you seeing the trend here?)

Those are all of the games I can think of, really, although there's also a lot of awesome Virtual Console games like Mega Man 1-4, Kirby's Adventure, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 1-3, and Super Metroid.

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