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Post by collin712 on Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:32 pm

Every one of these pokemon is legit other then shiny mew. Here's the code: 1,000 pokepoints = legit shiny un-touched elekid/ electubuzz/ electivire. Or 1,000 pokepoints can mean legit shiny un-touched shroomish. If you buy one of my shinies then you must tell the shinie's nature. These are the only shinies that I will accept. Please purchase a shiny.

Shiny weavile legit Price: 1,000 pokepoints
EV trained level 100

Shiny dialga legit Price: 1,000 pokepoints Un-touched level 47

shiny deoxys legit Price: 1,000 pokepoints not un-touched level 39

shiny regigigas legit Price: 1,000 pokepoints EV trained level 100

shiny darkrai legit Price: 1,000 pokepoints Level 100

Shiny mew hacked Price: 1,000 pokepoints Level 100

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