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Post by indidoge on Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:05 pm

Chapter 1.

.....What....Where am I?....

No one answered me, my question was lost in the darkness.

I heard, pawsteps padding toward me. The sound grew louder as it approached me.

I could hear quite well, though I could only see darkness. My thoughts were echoing in my head...

The pawsteps came closer...and louder...they seemed menacing...

I must have drifted because a voice startled me as if I had been asleep.

"Hmm... a youngster. Out in the woods at this time? It must be reported." a stern voice sounded to my right.

"Do you think?" a shy voice on my left.

"Of course we should! This youngster seems to think little of our rules! That is not accepted here!" the other voice sounded angrily.

What are they talking about? Youngster? I am 14 years old, I'm not a kiddie....RULES? What rules? And these voices...I don't recognize them...

I felt some pressure in my left foot.

The shy voice spoke. "Maybe, you shouldn't be so hard on it."

"No. Now look at what it has done to itself? Gotten itself paralyzed! Wandering off in the middle of the night! Dispicable! No one gets off the hook for breaking rules! And we will now unnecisarily need our facilities to cure it! Unspeakable! It should be ashamed!"

The shy voice did not seen to have anything more to say.

"Pick it up," said the stern voice, "and bring it to the camp, straight to the counsil."

"Yes." Said the shy voice.

And I drifted.....

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Re: "One:Seven"

Post by ♥Qu4ckers♥ on Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:00 pm


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