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Fan Fiction Rules

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Fan Fiction Rules

Post by Dragonartist713 on Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:35 pm

1. Stories must be an original work, no copy/paste from somewhere else.
2. Limit swearing. A few choice words here and there makes the character more real but dont drop one every other word. if a string of them has to come out (when the character is angry for instance), there are more creative literary techniques you may employ to imply what you want to say.
3. Fictions do not have to be complete works. they can be partials that you update every so often as long as you dont forget about them.
4. Please post all chapters/sections in a single thread. it keeps the clutter down and prevents the need to hunt for chapters.
5. The above rule makes it ok to double post.  The mods won't come after you in this board as long as you double post with a chapter.

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