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Post by HanoHano on Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:57 pm

Yea Yea Yea, I know I dropped some old stories, but this one is gonna be awesome!


Cold, so biting cold. As she hugged herself around her slim shoulders, folds of her ice-blue cloak blew out in front of her by the biting winds at her back. She stared out at the black tumbling waters of the vast ocean. From her perch upon a seaside cliff that seemed to be made entirely of ice, she remained silent and still, even as her high heels seemed to hold her unnaturally steady upon the sheer slippery surface. Cold to suit her frozen soul. It was what she was after all. To tell the truth, she didn't know how she could still be alive with her very heart unbeating, a block of ice. Sea-green eyes blinked once. She watched. And waited.

(Yea Yea, more coming soon lol ^_^)


Chapter 1:

Glaceon swiftly glided down the mountain, running in fear from her predator. Not knowing what the enemy was, added even more tension to her body. She couldn't see or hear the enemy following her, but she could feel as if she was being looked at. However, when she reached the base of White Mountain, she turned around, and the seagreen eyes were gone. Below, she could see the Kecleon Cult. Each Kecleon had a different coloured body, and every few minutes they would change. To go back to her old home, Glaceon would have to pass through the Cult's meeting. She tried to sneak across the best she could, but halfway through she was unsuccesful. An red-coloured Kecleon alerted the rest of the group, and proceded to punch Glaceon, with his fist, which was on fire. Glaceon began to cry her Fake Tears, and all the Kecleon's stopped their rampage to see exactly what was wrong. Then, Glaceon started a Blizzard, which covered the entire ground with snow. She tried to run for it, and she didn't see any Kecleon's looking toward her. However, one Kecleon camaflouged himself in the snow, was waiting for her, and poisoned Glaceon with toxic liquid it was spitting from it's mouth. Glaceon, slowly feel hurt from the poison, ran to the old lodge. She didn't see anymore cults or anything that should stop her. She was losing distance from her home, and got closer. However, she began to move slower due to the poison. Slowly, she looked up at the sky, and a group of stars shot from one end of the massive sky, across to the other. After moving for another minute or so, she was healed. She could see her old home, and was almost there, when the blizzard she had concocted slowly stopped. Even though it was just the middle of StarSky, SunSky was quickly on its way. Before Glaceon could even reach her old home, it was the prime of SunSky. Once she arrived, she saw her family, and proceeded to greet them. LeafBreak was almost over, and Glaceon always suffered throughout HeatReign.

She could see her old friends. Flareon, their clan leader. Flareon was strict, and only followed the rule of great Jirachi himself. Jirachi Rule states, Every HeatReign must consist of Sun. Every LeafBreak must consist of Rain. Every LeafRest must be neutral. And Every IceTerm bust consist of Snow. Flareon organized his clan to follow this rule, and they kept the weather as Jirachi Rules states. Few were pleased with Jirachu Rule however. Glaceon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Umbreon didn't enjoy Jirachi Rule. Glaceon was pained during HeatReign, Jolteon suffered from LeafBreak, Vaporeon didn't like the blandness of LeafRest, and Umbreon didn't enjoy the limited StarSky during HeatReign. Flareon did on the other hand, have his supporters. Leafeon enjoyed the healthy HeatReign, and Espeon benefited from the longer days of HeatReign. Once Glaceon returned, he talked to his best friend from the past, Jolteon. Jolteon had never left the clan, since he felt he owed Flareon from saving him from his death.

Glaceon: "Jolt.. What has become of our clan?"
Jolteon: "Glace.. Flare has become obbsessed with Jirachi Rule. Vapor wants to take his place as leader... Umbry and Espy have been fuding because of their differences, and I don't know what to do.."
Glaceon: "Well, how do you feel about Jirachi Rule..?.."
Jolteon: "I get tormented from Rain in LeafBreak.. It slows me down.. But.. I don't know wether to go with just live with it.. or take a stand..."
Glaceon: "Well.. I can't make you do anything.. But if I were you.. I'd do what I think was right".

Glaceon got off the floor, and walked out of the room. Jolteon was left, with thoughts running through his head. Should he betray Flareon, who had saved his life? Or should he fix the leaders that ruled his life..?


Jolteon jumped at the sound, and went trailing behind Glaceon outside.

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