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.::Shaychu Cruise::. The Fan Fiction

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.::Shaychu Cruise::. The Fan Fiction

Post by Ash on Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:01 pm

Shaychu Cruise

“ALL ABOARD!” The Hired Captain Yelled!
“Jack! Let’s Go! The boat is going to leave us!” Ash said excitedly.
“Okay. Lets Go!” Jack Said.

Ash was a 15 year old boy from Pallet town, Kanto. He has a Pikachu, Charizard, Gliscor, Sceptile, Snorlax, and Donphan. While on the other hand, Jack was a 14 year old boy from Goldenrod, Johto. He currently has an Ampharos, a Feraligatr, Croagunk, Swinub, Tyranitar, and a Sky Form Shaymin that he really didn’t catch, he just befriended and decided to join him on his journeys.

Day 1


As Ash and Jack stepped on to S.S. Aqua, they took off. They were greeted by the attendant.

“Hello, I am Frieda, let me guide you to your rooms” she greeted with her gorgeous Glaceon. “This is my partner Pokemon, Tunduro the Glaceon.” she commented as they walked down the hallway.
“Pi-Pikachu!” Ash’s Pikachu greeted hello to Tunduro.
“Mi-Mi!” Jack’s Shaymin greeted Glaceon.
“Gla-Glaceon!” Tunduro replied.

“Awwh! Look they became friends.” Ash said.
“Yeah.” Jack said.
“Well, Here are your rooms! Jack you are room 509 and Ash you are room the room across that, Room 512. There is a Pokemon daycare here, swimming pool, gourmet restaurants and More!” Frieda explained. “If you need me I will be working at the Snack Bar located on the B4 See you guys later!”
“Okay, thanks!” Jack and Ash both said goodbye.
“Let’s check out our rooms” Jack said.
“Okay!” Ash said.

As they both walked in their rooms, they were welcomed by a robotic voice.

In Ash’s room, “Hello, I am Meredith, and welcome to room 512. I will be watching over your belongings. I will also act as your alarm clock and warn you if there is anything wrong with the Ship.”
In Jack’s room, “Greetings! I am Merlin, and enjoy your stay at room 509. I will wake you up in the morning to act like your alarm clock and I will notify you when anything major happens to the ship.”

Ash and Jack left their stuff and headed for the top deck over looking the ocean. As they got there, they were mesmerized with the Suicune Statue, it had this Comment Under it, “ Guide us, Protect us, Oh North Wind!” Ash and Jack were not looking as they were walking and they Bumped into someone…

“Oh my gosh can it be?!” The Man said, “Oh my gosh it is! Ash and Jason! Remember me? Its David! You know… I battled with you guys at the Crystal Coliseum at Poketopia.”
“Oh David, How are you? Wait a minute you got invited too on this cruise?” Ash asked.
“Are you going to take the Orange Island challenge? And by the way tts Jack!” Jack asked and yelled.
“Oh yes, I’m sorry Jake. I will be challenging the 1st gym tomorrow as we land on Naval Island.” David Mentioned.
“How simple can it get? Its Jack!” Jack whispered over to Ash.
“Well its getting late, I’m gonna go sleep.” David Said.
“Okay Bye!” Ash said.

“Hey Ash, lets get some food and go to bed.” Jack commanded Ash.
“Okay, I am kinda hungry.” Ash said.
Day 2

“Welcome to Naval Island! Let me formally introduce myself, I am Captain Ducky. My Family and I are known for steering great ships. Like The Titanic, SS Anne, and Poseidon.” The Captain Said Over the Intercom, “Make sure to Visit the Pokemon Gym and Pokemon Contest Hall.”

“Jack Jack, I’m Gonna do the Contest! It Sounds so much fun!” Ash said excitedly.
“Okay, Then I’ll Do the Gym.” Jack Replied.
“I Heard the Gym Leader is Pretty Tough!” Ash warned Jack.
“Dude, You know me, I am pretty good.” Jack said confidently.
“That’s right. You Did get 7th Place at the Orre League Tournament. You did lose to Blitzer. By the way, I heard he is on the Boat.” Ash said to his best friend.


“Please get your Pokemon ready, and please meet back at your bunk at 8pm.” Frieda spoke. “Please register for the Contest right away. It will start in two hours.”
“Jack, I need to register, Lets go!” Ash said running off.


“Hello, Will you be registering for the Pokemon Contest?” Nurse Joy asked.
“Um, Yeah.. Hehe.” Ash grinned, like he was going to win.
“Ok, all set… The Contest starts in two hours.” Joy confirmed.

Ash decided that he would enter Charizard. He started perfecting the moves and ball capsules… Meanwhile… Jack left Ash to go to his Gym challenge.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Miss Rosalie’s Gym. I am Roberto, Miss Rosalie’s robotic judge and housekeeper. This is not like a regular gym challenge. Miss Rosalie would rather call it a ‘Gym Relay’. The Rules are: All the challengers will race to see who gets to battle Miss Rosalie. Your Goal is to complete 3 Challenges. Your first challenge is to dive into a pool of Carvanha to retrieve you clue to your next goal. You get to be accompanied by one of your water Pokemon for this first task. Ready, get set, GO!”

“Give it your best shot, Feraligatr!” Jack yelled his famous battle cry, as he threw his pokeball out.

Jack jumped in the pool as quick as possible. Jack got hurt quickly. Jack saw a glimpses of David and Blitzer also in the pool but he couldn’t fully see because of the Carvanha in the way.

“Feraligatr, guard me! Feraligatr use waterfall!” Jack commanded through his re-breather. “UGGH!”

Jack got bit on his left leg…

“I-I got it! Feraligatr, let’s resurface quick!” Jack yelled.

As Jack surfaced, he was third to resurface. Along with David and Blitzer. The Last to resurface… was a girl, Miya. Jack opened the clue holographic clue. It read:

Congratulations. You are in the top 4 competitors who survived out of 16.
You will be battling each other, 1v1.
David Vs Miya
Blitzer Vs Jack

“Blitzer? He beat me before… that wont happen again! Give it you Best Shot Amph-Swinub?” Jack Said Confused.
“Jack, good luck, let’s go Raticate!” Blitzer commanded.

“Swinub, Ice Shard!” Jack Said.
“With luck, Raticate got hit.” Roberto commented.
“Bite Raticate!” Blitzer yelled.
“Dodge! And…” Jack’s eyes lit up as Swinub evolved.
“Pilo-Pilo.” The big, new, Tough Pokemon grunted.
“Whoa!” Jack said in amazement as he took out his Pokedex.
“Piloswine, the evolved form of Swinub. Its tusk of ice thickens when it snows, as its thick coat of fur enables it to endure cold weather.”
“Awesome! Double-Edge!” Jack called.
“Dodge…NO!” Blitzer called out to slow.
“Raticate is Unable to Battle, Piloswine and Jack win!” Roberto cheered.


“Hello and welcome to Naval Island’s Pokemon Contest! I am Melissa Mae, your Contest Host! We have our ever popular Judges! Sabrina, The President of Poke’ fashion Magazine, Brian, a famous model, and star of the hit television movie series “Trainer School Musical”, and last But not least Naomi Wyoming, Teen Pop star. Lets Welcome our 1st Contestant, Wade!


And Here are the Scores!
Wade with 29 Points.
Ash with 29 Points.
Jetray With 27 Points.
Abby With 30 points.
Zach with 26 Points.
Debby with 28 points.

“..and the winner for the Pokemon Contest is… Abby, from Chocóvine town, Sinnoh! Our next contest will be held at Pummelo Island. see you there!”


“Give it your Best Shot, Croagunk!” Jack Cried.
“I LOVE YOU, Manectric!” Miya Cried.
“Croagunk, Poison Jab!” Jack Yelled.
“Manectric is Poisoned!” Robert Commented
“Manectric, use the Lightning Strike Technique!” Miya Commanded

Manectric used Agility, Quick Attack and Thunder all at the same time.
“Nice one, Manectric.” Miya said to her trusty companion. “Finish him off with Quick Attack!”

“Earthquake!” Jack Yelled.
“Super-Effective!” Manectric is unable to battle, Croagunk and Jack win!” Roberto congratulated him.

*Clap, Clap, Clap*

“I am Miss Rosalie, Gym Leader, and cousin of Misty from Cerulean City. My Rules: 2 on 2, Double Battle. Lets Go for it!” Miss Rosalie Said “Lets Go Lopunny and Togepi!”

“Okay, Croagunk, and Piloswine, Give it your best Shot!” Jack yelled nervously.

“Togepi, Metronome…” Miss Rosalie yelled, “NO! Sleep Talk!”
Togepi giggled.
“Piloswine, Ancient Power!” Jack said, it hit both Pokemon. “Croagunk Rain Dance!”

And then something happened, it was something that you would only see once in a lifetime, three glowing Pokemon, At The Same time, Togepi, Croagunk, and Piloswine.

“Amazing!” Miss Rosalie said as a tear fell in her face, “I have been waiting for you, Togetic!”
“Toxicroak and Mamoswine?” Jack said, stunned. “Let’s finish it, Toxicroak, hop aboard Mamoswine. Mamoswine, use BLIZZARD!”

Miss Rosalie was too distracted to call out a move, so Lopunny acted on her own. Togetic fainted. Lopunny used protect.

“Nice Job Togepi…I mean Togetic” Miss Rosalie said.
“Gunk Shot, Toxicroak!” Jack said calmly.
“Thanks Lopunny! return, Jack I Forfeit this match. Take this, The Soul Shell Badge.

“Jack!!! I saw everything” Ash said. “Whoa! When did you get a Toxicroak? Most importantly, when did the little Swinub Professor Krane gave you become no so little?”

“Long story, I’ll tell you on the ship! Its almost 8:00 and we are gonna be late!”
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Re: .::Shaychu Cruise::. The Fan Fiction

Post by Ash on Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:01 pm

Day 3

Ash and Jack are having Breakfast at MonDigi, Digital fine Dining.
“So that’s how both my Pokemon evolved at the exact same time” Jack Explained.
“Cool, I’m proud of you buddy. Look here comes David.” Ash took a deep sigh.
“Well If it Isn’t My 2 Best Friends? Ash and Jakky!” David said. “How do you like my Father’s trillion dollar franchise?”


“Ladies and gentlemen do not be alarmed!” Meredith and Merlin said in unison. Please Re-re-report Back to Yo-Your Rooms.” The robotic voices said, sounding like a malfunction.

“David, Jack, Lets Go… This might be an Emergency!” Ash Yelled.
“My Room and my Pokemon is on The east wing!” David Panicked.
“Ok We’ll meet up later, Ash you got your Pokemon?” Jack Shouted.
“Yeah I do!” Ash Said.
“Let’s go in my room then!” Jack Yelled.
“Okay!” Ash said as they rushed to the west wing.

“Please swipe your member cards onto the screen of the underwater observation deck station. Jack Stone and Ash Ketchum.” Merlin Said.

“Attention passengers, the ship is under attack by two Gigantic Water Pokemon. A Gyarados twice the size of the ship and a Crawdaunt five times the size of a regular Gyarados. My Crew is speculating that we have sailed over forbidden waters of Atlantia Neptuna, the lost city of sea monsters. The Ship has been hit and is sinking at the moment. Please stay in your bunks where it is safe for now. This is Captain Ducky… reporting out.”

“Jack? We have to get out of here! Lets check our iPhones to see if we can contact anyone” Ash said.
“We can’t there is no signal underwater!” Jack replied in terror.

“The Ship has Snapped into two pieces by the Crawdaunt. The East and the west wing. Water has Entered the hallways and there is no way to get out of your bunks. Swimming out is impossible because the ship has fallen under currents that push 500 miles an hour. You have 23 Hours of Oxygen in you bunk.” Merlin said.

“Pikachu, I Need you to charge electro-lights. By the way Jack, Nice room!” Ash Said.
“Pika-CHUU!” Pikachu charged the electro-lights that power the fridge and Outlets.
“No time for Joking, We have to get out of here! Our vacation is ruined!” Jack was thinking. “I’ve got it! The vents! Merlin, are the vents still usable?”

“Yes, The Vents have 22 Hours of air left.” Merlin Replied.
“Shaymin, Climb up the vents!” Jack Said.
“ Follow up Pikachu!” Ash copied Jack.


“I-I see Light!” Jack Said!
“Oh, okay, Pikachu Iron Tail!” Ash commanded while he was behind Jack.

“Jack? Ash?” A Girl said.
“Frieda?” Ash Yelled! Great to see you!
“Jack!” Blitzer said.
“Blitzer?!” Jack replied. “You guys made it! Where are we?”
“In the kitchen, or what used to be a kitchen.” Frieda said.

The water started to break a wall of the kitchen. “Tunduro, Ice Beam,” Frieda Said. Glaceon created a sturdy wall of Ice blocking the water from entering.”

“Wait guys, I just got a text message. Its from David.” Ash said.

IT READ: “GUYS we r safe. Du Crrent Push Us to an island very fast. Where are you guys? Btw, I left my baby Houndour on daycare save it please.”

“Let me reply” Ash said with hope.
The Ship shook immensely, Ash dropped his iPhone in to a puddle, as the ship sunk.

“Son of a-” Jack said as all four of them landed on the ice wall.
Craack! The wall started cracking, it could hold our weight. They fell in and landed in the water. The water was rising, and they couldn’t do anything.

“Guys! The Daycare is right there!” Frieda dove in to save David’s little Houndour.

“Curtain Call, Snorlax!” Ash called out his trusty Pokemon, “Everyone, hop on!”

They landed at Underwater Viewing deck. It was flooding, and a certain statue fell straight down.

“Nice Job, Snorlax, Return!” Ash Said. “Look the Suicune Statue”!
“That’s a sign!” Blitzer shouted.
“Look Guys, Swampert are attacking the glass, its Cracking” Jack panicked.
“No Houndour!” Frieda Said as Houndour jump our of her hands.
“Whoa, Houndour is Using Overheat!” Jack commented.
“And Houndour is Evolving?” Blitzer said, “ I thought David said it was a baby?”
“No, this was David’s household pet, he had Houndour since he was 5. David treats his Houndour just like a baby.” Ash explained.
“Wow, so it must be over trained.” Frieda said.
“Yup.” Jack Said.

“Houndoom!” the dark Pokemon roared.
“Look, it used roar to scared the Swampert away!” Jack Said.

“Look guys a PokeBall, it must be Houndoom’s.” Blitzer said picking it up and giving it to Frieda. “Return, nice work.”

“Guys look, Submarine. It could fit two people.” Ash said.
“Ash, Frieda, You guys go ahead” Jack said.
“Jack, I’m not leaving you. We are best friends and I won’t leave.” Ash said bravely.
“Blitzer, Take Frieda, and Get help, Me and Ash will stay behind.” Jack said.
“Okay.” Blitzer said.

Blitzer and Frieda got on the sub. “We’ll be back.” Blitzer said.

“Ok.” Jack said.
“Jack… I got an Idea,” Ash said excitedly, “Look outside, Pokemon Rangers! If we can get their attention then we can get out of here.”
“Ash, Those are not Pokemon Rangers, Those are the Swamperts!
“Okay… RUN!” Ash Yelled.

They ran out taking wet suits and re-breathers. As they got across the hallway, a bright blue light lit across the ship. It was a Kyogre. The Kyogre bit off the room they were just in.

“Jack, I cant believe I’m saying this but, we need to get out onto Atlantia Neptuna. There we can get help from Pokemon.” Ash explained.
“Your right…” Jack said. “Atlantia Neptuna”

They swam to Atlantia Neptuna as the found a flock of swimming baby Lugias, and their mother.”

“Jack remember when your cousin, Steven, Gave you that silver wing. Its time to use it!” Ash said.
Jack pulled out his necklace.
“Oh Guardian of the sea, Help us please.” Jack Said.

The mother Lugia Got them, and the stop the current and resurfaced.
Lugia dropped them off on a mysterious island.
“Jack?” Ash Asked. “ Is everything Okay?”
“Yeah, but one thing just occurred to me, Lugia said something about return back.” Jack Said.
“Back Where?” Ash Said Confused. “Back to the ship?”
“I Don’t know but lets venture out to this mysterious island. You got your Pokemon?” Jack Asked.
“Yeah. You?” Ash Asked in return.
“Of course, never leave without them.” Jack Said.

*The End.. For Now.*


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Re: .::Shaychu Cruise::. The Fan Fiction

Post by Administrator on Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:03 pm

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Re: .::Shaychu Cruise::. The Fan Fiction

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