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Zappy's Trading place

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Zappy's Trading place

Post by Legendary Zappy Boy on Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:54 pm

hello.... I am about to trade most of my good pokemons from my diamond..... so the pokemons I am trading r like almost for free woot ..... I will trade this pokemons of mine for shards/ starpiece or helping me transferring some pokemons from Diamond to my Platinum......
so here is the list:
Vinasaur: bold, Lv.71(UT I think)

Sceptile: Adamant lv.40
112/121/61/86/81/131, EV:252 on speed and attack.

E-vire: Adamant lv.50
139/181/91/92/102/145 Ev: 252 on speed.
move: I punch, Tpunch, EQ, C chop

Celebi:Modest lv.100

Celebi(10 Anniv);Calm lv.72

Jirachi: Timid lv.40(UT)

Jirachi: Bold lv.10(UT)

Jirachi(WISHMAKER): Naughty lv.100

Shiney Regigigas: sereous(UT)

EEVEE: Bold, Adamant, Modest, Timid
Wish , Flait, Curse, Yawn

Charizard: Modest lv.53
148/85/96/172/102/156 .....EV:252 in sp.attack and speed.

Rampherdos: Naughty lv.50
167/232/73/74/52/92 ....special move endeavor.

Togekiss: Modest lv.50
173/63/101/169/164/90 ....252 on sp.attack and sp.def

Gliscor: Jolly lv.50
143/114/160/54/93/144 .....252 on DEF and SPEED

Garchomp: Jolly lv.50
183/181/122/82/94/464 ....252 on speed and attack

Shiney Salamence: Mild (UT)

Salamence: Jolly lv.96
291/353/164/197/174/291....252 on speed and attack (male with D dance)

Faraligatr: Adamant(UT) lv.43

Honchkrow: Hasty lv.100

Meganium: Adamant lv.82

Slaking: Adamant lv.50

Shiney Zangoose( Hacked I think): Quirky lv.100(UT)
308/287/177/177/177/237 .....31 IV in every stat

Shiney Seviper(Hacked): jolly lv.100(UT)
308/257/177/231/177/207 ....31 IV in every stat

Shiney Solrock(Hacked maybe): Hasty lv.100(UT)
302/247/204/167/187/216....31 IV in every stat

Shiney Gorebyss(hacked maybe): Modest lv.100(UT)
272/202/267/313/207/161 ...31IV in every stat

Shiney Lucario(hacked): hardy lv.46
144/130/93/134/93/111 .....31 IV in everystat
......these pokemons r all male/genderless ...they r great for IV breeding.

----------End of the list-------------

so there r few more pokemons. and if u want any item with the pokemons I will try to give u(if I have it)......... and just post reply wat u want.... I will talk about the deal later.
Legendary Zappy Boy

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