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Todays Horocope

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Todays Horocope

Post by Bibarel on Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:25 pm

Eheheh My cast is Ditching me atm so i'll just post my Shiz Eheheh

Check your horocopes and see if it is good or bad Hehe

The Image belongs to Jiggly Thanks for letting me use it jiggly Very Happy

You'll need a sense of order to feel comfortable. Take some time to get better organized. Piles of papers, especially, need to be sorted out. Concentrate your efforts on getting as much done as you can with as little effort as possible. This includes asking others to help.
Today can bring a surprising and possibly secret romantic attraction. Enjoy the possibilities without actually doing anything. Any situation where you are not being recognized or appreciated for your efforts needs to be changed. Today's energy will give you backbone and clarity of thought to stand up for your needs.
You may enjoy taking the lead and can exhibit a great deal of charisma and wit. Big changes can be achieved with very little money. There are ways to recycle resources you may not have considered. Avoid being overprotective with young ones.
The energy is unsettled. Be prepared to make a decision and then change your mind. It might be best to delay communicating with others until you are sure of yourself. Your organizational skills are strong today. The greatest satisfaction may be found in planning community events or big family gatherings.

You may start out with the best of intentions, but become distracted. You will be smart to take things slowly. Do your best to build solid relationships. Misunderstandings and hard feelings are possible. An excellent working partnership needs personal integrity on both sides. Hold others accountable for their promises.
Someone charming and chatty has good ideas. Indulge your sense of humor. Seeing the bright side will make everything easier. An important person in your life can be very supportive. Patience and a willingness to negotiate will be necessary. You will have a better chance of seeing things eye to eye.
Choose group projects will help you be more sociable and involved with other people. This is a wonderful day to volunteer your time or make plans to enrich the life of someone younger or more needy.

When you communicate, be specific. Do you really know what the other person wants? Find out. Be a good listener and don't make assumptions. Maybe you and another person are not as far apart as you think. Talk about things when you are both feeling calm and rational.
If an intimate relationship is not living up to your needs, start asking for what you want. A good relationship is one that is gratifying to both partners. It is important that each person wants to please the other. Get help if there are reasons why this is not happening.
Relationships will take your time and attention. Don't think of a situation in either/or terms. You can do the things you like, then what your sweetheart or friend likes, and enjoy tremendous love and respect for each other throughout. In Other words Ask SOmeone out Express your self More people love you than you think Wink
At work or at home, if there is good humor and mutual respect for each other's differences, you can be very happy. Nothing can harm you, so be open to taking some risks. An unconventional person could enter your life.
And Tauros
Sometimes it's acceptable to be slow and lazy. The energy today encourages the enjoyment of simple pleasures. It's time to ease some of the stress you may have been feeling. Trust that things are moving in your favor. This evening, don't be afraid to encourage another's romantic feelings.

These are real horocopes Gotten From Florida Weekly Very Happy and They are really inspirational Very Happy


go out hug a friend you never talk to Kiss Random Friends SHARE THE LOVE

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