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Adoptable Sprites

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Adoptable Sprites

Post by HanoHano on Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:01 pm

This is a thread where we work on Adoptable Sprites. I just finished an Espeon outline. It's eyes aren't filled in with the pupil etc, and it's base color is it's lightest shade. So basically, use the HG/SS/D/P/Pt Espeon Sprite Colors, and add Shadows to this espeon sprite. Also, finish the eye's details.

To open adoptables, I want to have the following sprites (resembling the 5 admins)
- Skymin
- Pikachu
- Espeon
- Shedinja
- Electivire

This is the outline for Espeon that I need help with. feel free to work on any of the needed sprites. The next set of sprites will be to resemble mods, and I've got Kass's done:

So yea, let's get to work! Very Happy

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