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Adoptable Progress!

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Adoptable Progress!

Post by HanoHano on Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:15 pm

Okay Guys! I've got BIG news! I've been working on Shaychu Adoptables, with the site Espeon showed us, and it's been working out great. So far, i've added 1 adoptable, Treecko, and here's my Treecko!


So yea. Sadly, it only accepts .jpg, so the images look a bit crappy, but otherwise, awesome!

I plan on releasing Shaychu Adoptables for Christmas, as Shay stated earlier.

Here are some Sprites that I neeeeeeeed for our release:

~ Eevee

~ Espeon
~ Land-Shaymin
~ Sky-Shaymin
~ Nincada
~ Shedinja
~ Pichu
~ Pikachu
~ Raichu
~ Elekid
~ Electabuzz
~ Electivire
~ Grovyle
~ Sceptile

I already have Treecko. Grov. & Scep are for General members. As special gifts for members online Christmas day, they will receieve a Promo Code, to recieve an Admin Adoptable. Either Eevee, Elekid, Nincada, Shaymin, or Pichu, resembling the 5 admins.

Later I want to add the moderators:

Then Active Members:

And eventually have all 493 Pokemon :]

So yep! We've got a month guys. All I need help with is the spriting, the coding is easy as cake. So yea guys... SUPPORT SHAYCHU ADOPTABLES :]

I don't care if any of the staff gets an adoptable, but don't post the code in your signature yet, for obvious reasons (members don't know about it yet, and don't need to until Xmas Very Happy)

So yea! :]

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Re: Adoptable Progress!

Post by Administrator on Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:23 pm

Sounds good.

lol "You just gave GrassGangsta one LevelUP Point"

PS- I think a land form Shaymin should level up into a sky form Shaymin
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