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About Me :
I've been playing Pokemon since it first came out in the US (I got Yellow), and since then I was hooked. I now breed and train pokemon for fun and profit.
My first Pokemon ever, was a Venonat Card. As for games, I started in yellow so I had Pikachu. My favorite starter ever was, and is still, Cyndaquil. Though truly Venonat has always had a soft spot in my heart since it was my first ever xD
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Pokemon Resort House
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Favorite Pokemon (Text) :
Weavile, Venonat, Steelix, Stunky
Anything really, even things I dont like at first I try to find a reason to tolerate or use in game/RPs. I even stopped hating Chimchar since watching the anime, and turns out I love Infernape in-game after I got over my 'farts flames' impression.
Favorite Type(s) :
Ground, Dark, Fire, Steel
Favorite Move(s) :
Earthquake, Will-O-Wisp, Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, Air Slash
Favorite Ability(ies) :
Sand Stream, Pressure, Flash Fire, Compound Eyes, Serene Grace
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