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About Me :
i believe i am awesome, helpful, funny, shy, emo, unnoticed, slightly shy, undiscovered. i love pokemon, beyblade, listening to music, singing( me and every single person i met, even my ex girlfriend, thinks i'm an amazing singer.), helping people, making friends, swimming. not much else 2 say but Ninja Goodbye!!!
you cannot defeat me in beyblade! Duece!
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Favorite Pokemon (Text) :
Scizor, evee, glacion. leafeon, umbreon, swellow, celebi, azelf, uxie, farfetc'd wartortle, charizard, venesaur, dusknoir, haunter, weavile, mamoswine, noctowl, murkrow, glameow, frozlass, porygon-Z, purloin, panpour, pansage, pansear, tailow, Flygon, starmie.
Favorite Type(s) :
dragon, ghost, fire, ice, flying.
Favorite Move(s) :
shadow ball, shadow claw, ice beam, fire spin, mach punch, flash cannon, spite, dragon pulse, dragon claw, hydro pump, magical leaf, leaf storm, assist, metronome
Favorite Ability(ies) :
Mummy, torrent, levitation, run away, anticipation, keen eye, shed skin.
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