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All about BlitzerSephiroth

About Me :
I am just a normal guy with a love for pokemon and video games. I like to be on computers and listen to music- video game, classical music.
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Age :
Shaycoins :
Location :
Tennessee (Wisconsin soon!)
Registration date :
Favorite Pokemon (Text) :
Raticate, Cradily, Wobbuffet, Porygon-z, Croagunk/Toxicroak, Exploud, Gengar, Haunter, Tropius, Spinda, Electabuzz, Lunatone, Solrock, Relicanth, Hitmonlee, kangaskahn
Favorite Type(s) :
Normal, Ghost, Poison, Grass, and Electric
Favorite Move(s) :
Super fang, hyper voice, tri attack, fake out, counter, toxic
Favorite Ability(ies) :
Levitate, Soundproof, Guts, Dry Skin, Poison Point
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